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Mr. Hugh MacLeod began my interest in blogging only 4 short months ago an I am glad that I took his advice.   Hugh and I have beers once in a while to share thoughts and theories.  Check out his website

He is  a cartoonist. All of which are Hilarious and thought provoking.  He sells limited-edition prints.  He wrote a book which is one of the best Business Motivation Books I have read.   He is one of the most interesting people I know and I am happy to call him a friend.  Thanks again Hugh…


From Business & Sports teams to FAMILY…

Often times, teams take the approach of playing a game with their energy focus on pride.  Pride in what they perceive or believe that they are vs. playing a game for the collective love involved. 

Love for the game is an individualized concept, with global implication; it is subjective with objective intention which is inspired devotion.  Pride at the team level is a group concept, subjective in nature, but objective in fueling ego dynamic.  It points to the core of the ego and does little to propel teams to common ground. 

Playing for pride is an outdated concept.  Pride propels teams to a look beyond the game to the end result that would validate the motive of their play.  It takes the player out of their element on a mission to justify.  Pride needs someone to believe in it especially the egocentric.

 Love needs no one to believe in it – it just is… Love inspires to be in the moment with no regard to outcome or secondary gain.  It allows a focus of contemplation within the task musing in spirit one step at a time.  So playing for the love of the game rather than from the mindset of self serving pride and secondary gain goes a lot further, regardless of the score.

So whatever team you are are part of, remember to;

Play hard, love hard and be inspired…”

“Go Build Someting” results are in…

In an earlier post titled “Go Build Something”, I write to the fact that I had gone to a local lumber yard to pick up some supplies to build a pergola.  Here is what I produced.  Not only was I able to build this with my own hands, but the outcome has had an overall effect on internal EI mindset. “Go Build Something…” you will be the better for it.

Design by GDavid:  All rough Cedar, 6×6 posts and cedar ceiling.  The roughout ceiling allows natural sunlight to permeate and fill the room.  However, the pergola is covered with a clear corrugated PVC panel throughout making it completely rain and hail proof, but having the ellusion of not being covered.  It measures 26 x 14 x 8 tall.  The flooring is parquet foot stones surrounded by cement wall barrier.  GO Build Something…

Allow Truth to Endure

Every time we turn on the radio, television or surf the internet we are reminded of the world at war and conflict. Countries at war, congress in conflict, financial institutions running afoul are the headlines these days. There is also a conflict that that has the potential to arise in all of us by default – by default of being in a capitalist society. But society is not what fails us it is the faulty perceptions by individuals that betrays.

Earnest competition is what we are taught from almost day one. Win at whatever cost, never give up, get them before they get you, becomes the mindset. In all of this training that we receive the underlying theme is fear.

 Fear is how competition is oversubscribed to most of us. When fear is introduced then truth becomes distorted and people act on this ignorance. People act on ignorance within themselves on a daily basis.

The internal voice dialogue that becomes an everyday occurrence is tuned into self propagating possession. I need more becomes a common theme – more money, more beauty, more fun, more sex, more, more, more.

Within this internal standard of seeking more, the essence of truth becomes lost. Internal conflict prevails when you can not satisfy the “more” standard and people are often tricked into believing that if they working harder or cheat the system this may be the only way to satisfy the internal conflict based on more.

 In either case the conflict takes on more stress and becomes greater. Truth then becomes a thing of the past, an unpracticed value and the individual becomes “fearworthy”. The individual makes decisions to keep up, to chase the dream, to try to satisfy the common standard- more more, more…But it seldom comes to us in the form that our faulty perceptions would believe.

PEACE is just around the corner.

Dissolve the ego by allowing truth to endure. Affix a healthy perception by letting fear become love, and peace will fade the conflict from within…Seeking MORE, MORE, MORE, TRUTH then comes the standard. AND this standard needs no one to perceive it – It just is.


Wikipedia defines a warehouse as a commercial building for storage of  products.  Products are kept in a warehouse until they are moved, distributed and finally entered into commerce.  The significance  or the idea that is intended by use of the products that are warehoused are not realized until they are moved from this state and are utilized by the end user.  The warehoused product just sits until acted upon in the form of distribution.  Some of  the products have an expiration date and need to be acted upon immediately.  If these products are mismanaged and not acted upon immediately, the products perish. 

Similarly are the ideas of individuals  – they remain warehoused until acted upon by motive.  Many ideas never reach the end user and often dissolve.  Often times creativity has an expiration date and must be acted upon with directed means – if not the idea perishes.  When the “warehoused”  mindset becomes a chief means of living the individual becomes numb, lifeless and  the zest is lost. 

Acting on your creativity in a regulated way will only improve vigor and enthusiasm for life ,thus, removing you from the “warehoused” effect. 

Create often and allow your ideas committed commencement…

3 Months

It has been a little over three months since I began the blog project.  An now with over 170 comments I believe I will go another 3 months.  I am happy that the information shared was helpful to you.  I take my writing pretty seriously.  I put my brand of perceived excellence on it with the hopes that someone reads it, understands it and finds inspiration after applying it.  We approach jerky manufacturing with the same aspiration to excellence.  We do produce a spectacular  jerky product.

With that said I would like to encourage you to place an order of jerky cause I believe that it has superior taste.  I am sure that you will not be disappointed.  ORDER YOUR JERKY TODAY…

Valley Resilience

Getting through the rough patch in the road in business and in life is a must for success.  Employing the option to give up is a very common mistake that people make.  It is not necessarily the giving up aspect but the timing of the strategy.  Individuals find themselves motivated by the prospects for a new idea, a new venture and move quickly toward the goal in mind.  However, the goal is often met with some form of obstacle that had not been considered in the original mindset of goal attainment.  Often times the obstacle is too great to overcome, at least in perceptive reasoning, and giving up seems like the most feasible strategy to deploy. One must get past this rough patch – Seth Godin calls this the “DIP”.

I call it “valley resilience”. There are an array of qualities that makes an individual “valley resilient”, however I think I can sum it up with defining 5 of them.  The 5 C’s – Commitment, Control, Change, Comfort, Challenge.

Fear is often times the precursor to quiting.  It consumes the individual and becomes the hidden rational behind giving up.  It is attached to the perception of pain and suffering.   Therefore,  the commitment that one applies must be greater than the perception of the fear being faced.  Just being committed will allow an individual the awareness of control.  Control is viewed in the dual sense of internal vs. external locus of control.  Valley resilient individuals believe that control is dominated by internal cues,  motivations and drive strength secure and stable “from within”.  Whereas, individuals that are “successive quitters” give up control to the outside as a matter of fate, as a matter of the “it wasn’t meant to be” mindset.  In a nutshell, they give up on themselves which is their premier strategy for life from the onset.

Change resistant individuals also can not move past any obstacle because of their unfamiliar vision of getting past change.  Valley resilient individuals view welcome change and view it as a “fresh start” or time to calibrate.  (Calibration is very important but we will leave that to another blog post)  The resilient individual  views the change or the potential “obstacle” as a Challenge which elicits the competitive side of the person to not be beat by the obstacle which harnesses the means to succeed. 

Comfort is the perceptual base of being secure in the leadership role.  The ability to envoke positive results in others and being comfortable with this charge is a prodromal effect of the valley resiliant role.  

The typical experience had from a valley resilient individual is that of success, so the belief they develop is that they will not be defeated even if the event seeks to get the better of them.   The belief in one’s own ability is typically greater than the overall fear and that my friends is a valley resilient individual.   Peace and love…


Why beef jerky?  Why go into a business with literally thousands of jerky manufacturers to compete with?  The answer was simple to me.  It is because we truly believe that we are the best. 

 Hugh MacLeod captured what is meant by drive strength for me when he printed the “Change the world or go home” cartoon.  I have always been a jerky head and BELIEVED that WE could produce a superior product.  A product that has changed the world according to the standards of the  jerky industry. It wasn’t easy, especially with all the State Regulations to contend with, but, once we jumped through all the hoops all that was left was a truly “safe” and “savory steak treat”. 

“Ganas” is the Spanish word for Drive strength, it is that inner motivation that individuals must harness to move to the next level.  However, Drive strength must be equaled with genuine commitment ethic and as Carlos Castaneda described, “unbending intent”. 

The follow through is golden… Drive strength without commitment ethic are typically manifested as lies that you direct at yourself.  In my experience ,you can only lie to yourself enough before it begins to  take its toll on Self Esteem. And if you suffer with faulty esteem issues our jerky might help your “ganas”!


On a monthly basis staff needs to be able to demonstrate that the temperatures that we reach in our dehydration process are accurate.  The process of calibration is used to certify this aspect of our process.  Calibration requires comparisons between a verifiable and standard temperature to the temperature recorded by the instruments used.  If these two match up then calibration can be established, thus reducing dramatically the problems that could occur if the instrument is not accurate.  

Calibrating is a form of fine tuning.  Individuals often get out of balance and are not calibrated to living.  Too much of one thing affects equilibrium which requires some process of calibration to get us back on point. Refining is required of most aspects of life,  however, what often gets neglected  is you.  Listen to yourself, and discover that one thing that can assist in taking back equilibrium.

For me spending time with my family and listening to the innocence of their thoughts and words is enough to direct me inward and onward to balance. “Calibrate” as often as you can for without it problems are sure to arise.