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Go Build Something…


Over the weekend I walked into a local Lumber yard to buy some supplies needed to build a pergola.  The store was handing out baseball caps that were embroidered with the words, “Go Build Something”.  Those words seem to be the equivalent of Nike’s “Just Do It”.  Both are inspiring and place me in spirit to walk out the door on a mission.

For me, however, I took the statements meaning a step further.  Go Build Something means to be true to your dreams in motivation, creation and in follow through. 

People often tell me that they are trying to find themselves. As though, they are trying to connect to an entity from within – a person that has remained dormant for many years. 

The fact is the entity, that person sought, has not yet been created. The person that you want to connect with hasn’t been built yet.  So life really isn’t about finding yourself, it is about building yourself one step at a time.  Choices and consequential outcomes both good and bad are enough to create – if we remain focused on what is truth.

Learn from Mistakes, Remove the lies, remain true to self, be inspired, and GO BUILD YOU…No one else can make that investment!  Many of you were interested in my writing about Milton Faver in my blog titled Cattle Baron.  My mother’s book is filled with interesting information such as this.  You will find much more information on Far West Texas in her book.  Get in touch with her today and order your copy.  Tell her, that her son sent ya…

Marshmallow Study

The study of emotional intelligence began with a small study conducted at Stanford University over 40 years ago.  The study has become known as the marshmallow study.  The study began with the recruitment of 40, 4 year old boys and girls. 

Each participant was taken into a small room and sat at a table.  The facilitator would then place a marshmallow in front of the child and state “this is your marshmallow you can eat it at any time, but if you wait 10 minutes until I return you will get two marshmallows”.   Approximately 1/3 of the participants ate the marshmallow immediately.  1/3 of them waited and the other 1/3 didn’t participate at all. 

Eighteen years later the participants were located and this is what was found. 

The eaters, that is, the participants that ate the marshmallow immediately were found to have higher instances of divorce, higher dropout rates, higher instances of substance abuse, lower emotional intelligences. 

The waiters, that is, the participants that waited and were rewarded an additional marshmallow had superior emotional intelligence, they were goal oriented, had very little instances of substance abuse, they were all college graduates or about to graduate. 

The difference was delay of gratification and the understanding that putting your time in now for something greater was prevalent  in the waiters. 

I often think that if the children were exposed and primed with the taste of our  jerky before the study and then a piece of our jerky was used instead of the marshmallow, it is likely that they would all be addicts – addicted to the great taste of our jerky. 

Have superior emotional intelligence and order your jerky today.

Father’s Day

A Father is one that teaches, coaches, loves and understands.  One that expresses mostly through example.  The importance of a father that is accessible to his children is laudable.  And the ultimate praise that a father gets is mostly seen in how your children respond and succeed to the trials in their lives because their ability came from your teaching –  Ability to cope, to persevere, to trust, to be strong, to be loyal and  to be “valley resilient” are but a few of the qualities that an accessible father can teach.  My father and grandfather taught me so much and sometimes they used words in the process. My children remind me of the love that I have for them when they work so hard in all that they do, loving themselves along the way.  Everyday is fathers day for me. Thank you to all you fathers on your special day.  

And to My DAD I love you, I trust you and you are certainly worthy of praise . 

 Happy Fathers Day,

  Your son Glenn.

Come Together – Let “ego” go

The obstacles that face business seem to be an almost everyday occurrence.  It is part of business.  Obstacles are not necessarily problems.  In my opinion, in order to classify an obstacle as a problem a certain set of criterion has to be met. 

First, the perception of a problem must be one that does not mimic a problem from the past.  That is, it must be a completely new issue, one that has not been solved in the past.

Secondly, the source of difficulty must not have passed the “choice evaluation” process.  That is problem solving filters that you have  put into place can not have had probable answers to the dilemma.  If there are probable answers, then one must move forward with the potential resolution and overcome the obstacle – not dwell on the potential problem.

The last and most important criterion lies in employing the ear of an advisor.  This is most difficult because it entails dissolving ones “ego”, I call it the “false self”.  When the “false self” concedes that the issue was too big for anyone  to solve then any problem solving ceases.  The “ego” can get in the way to the point that many people concede that the obstacle can not be solved and over state the significance of the issue.  With this the  newly defined  problem becomes  a product of the of the “one-up-manship dilemma”.   The self talk becomes “I know better than anyone else”.

 Most problems that occur in the world are a matter of “ego”, the “false self”,  getting in the way.  Opportunities are typically found in “problems” when the right people find each other.  But the “dissolution of ego is a must”. 

Humans are a herd animal- we must depend on one another because we can not go at it alone.  People that attempt to do so are fools.  No one that was ever successful went at it alone. There are no genuine ideas, no one is ever that brilliant.  Your idea might be the best one ever, but, that does not buy you sovereignty from the advice of others within the potential problem solving process.  Be you, but, ask for help when warranted.  The right people must come together. 

For me it is my wife and I; Me and my family; Me and my best of friends.  At least they inspire and place me in spirit to go beyond the dilemma and  not the perceived “PROBLEM”.  Come together,  let EGO-GO and overcome your obstacles.


Dr. Miguel Ruiz talks about being impeccable with your word at all times in his book The Four Agreements.  A great book that I try to abide by daily.

The reason for not seeing consistent new posts in the last 10 days is due in part to this impeccability rule.  Our family has been on vacation and I told my kids that I would not spend as much time working, as I have on previous trips.  So, because of attempting to be impeccable with my word to them, the blog has suffered a bit.   

 Only say what you mean and do not lie to anyone with empty promises, especially yourself.  This only offends them, but more importantly it offends trust.

We will be in full swing starting Monday.

More Follow Through

 Drive strength is that inner motivation that individuals must harness to move to the next level.  However, Drive strength must be equaled with genuine commitment ethic and fixed intention. The follow through is golden… Drive strength without commitment ethic is typically manifested as a  lie directed at yourself.  In my experience ,you can only lie to yourself enough before it begins to  take its toll on Self Esteem. 

When an individual continues down this cyclic mindset of saying one thing and doing another, it not only takes it toll on confidence in ones own ability to attain, but, it also takes its toll on the how others may perceive you as dependable.   The most affected with this type of thinking moral force is trust.

   A quick fix to this type of mind play is to consider the amount of follow through or commitment ethic will be required before allowing blind motivation to move forward in taking on a task. 

Motivation will naturally precede commitment, however, I am merely suggesting that you don’t commit in any way until you consider the amount of commitment it will take to achieve the said task.  To allow the same ol’ same ol’ is to concede to the same result, which whittles away at your dignity and self -worth, which may be unbeknown-st to you. 

 Be true to your goals by being true to the commitment ethic involved.

Legitimate Authority

Dr. Lawrence Kohlberg first used the concept of legitimate authority when describing moral development and ultimately decision making skills.  “Legitimate Authority” is a concept that I use to understand the decision making process of most people.  What the concept basically means is that some people make decisions based on what people might think of them, rather than on the principle of the situation.  This is especially the case in young adults as they seem to give into peer pressure situations and in some cases tend to make very poor decisions.  Legitimate authority decision making is also based on the concept that people make decisions based on what people think, but they can choose for themselves which people are important to them, thus legitimate authorities in their lives.  The legitimate authority concept then develops, after a period of trial and error, into a core value of decision making based on  the principle of the situation because  one begins to see themselves as the “legitimate authority”.   The better one gets at making CONSISTENTLY good choices the more confident they become in the authority that they have given themselves (positive self concept). 

We value the input of our patrons, inspectors and team and in the end we view all of these as sources of legitimate authority because you matter.  However, when it comes to making concrete decisions about our product many of the decisions that we make are based in principle carried over to give you as “legitimate authorities” the best that we can.

Concerns about MSG in Our Product?

First of all, let me outline the ingredients that that goes into our fine product;       Beef, Seasoning Soy Sauce -(Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Water, Salt, Corn Syrup, Caramel Coloring), Onion, Garlic, Sugar,  Ginger , Paprika, and  MSG.  We then add chipotle pepper to our chipotle product, crushed red pepper to our Crushed red Pepper product  or add habanero to our habanero product.  

MSG is not something that we add to our ingredients.  Follow me on this – MSG naturally occurs in anything that is “hydrolyzed” as part of the manufacturing process, so we do not add MSG… it just occurs as a natural byproduct of the manufacturing process- specifically in our case, as we use soy sauce. So we are obligated to report it. I have included a link that speaks to this:

We are truthful about our labeling even though it may cause a negative comment from time to time about the MSG.  MSG seems to occur in many of the products that we eat and some of us don’t even know it. 

Ever order a great steak at popular steak house?  There is a big chance that it was marinaded in a hydrolyzed sauce of some sort – thus containing “MSG”.  The difference is that when you get the steak it is still hydrated and the full component of the MSG swirls around in the juices in its original form. 

When you get the beef jerky it is completely dehydrated and less than a teaspoon of our recipe went into it.  Big difference if you ask me. So rest assured, WE do not take an MSG shaker and add a “pinch”  to our receipe. All we do is make a heck of a jerky product.

To Take for Granted…

Assumptions are made every single day that we are awake.  Assumptions are also made when we are asleep.  The difference is the consciousness level of the assumption. The most practiced assumption that we make as individuals is to take something for granted. 

There must be a balance and focus of three elementary elements in order for us to become more conscientous.  There must be an ability to maintain order and focus between thinking, feeling and acting. 

 The acting aspect is what we are more in tune with these days.  Delay of gratification is seldom the mindset, as we typically act in the direction of immediate gratification with no thoughts.    Acting with no balance and focus ends up in burn out of the action, loss of focus and typically something goes wrong.  It also ends with an adverse feeling of the given action after the fact which then affects thinking.   Simply put, taking  something for granted is a matter of perceptive focus.  It is a matter of a belief  that you have developed because of the burn out factor that was self imposed. 

 Children often say, “they are bored”, “there is nothing to do”, almost always because of the mismatch of emotions and ultimate perceptions.  This can also be  a symptom of a bigger problem.  A major part of the  problem is overindulgence.  Too many choices throws the balance off and an assumption that  there is satisfaction in something else takes precedent.  When the reality is there is inevitable burnout in the new experience because the cycle of the perception issue.

Ever go the beach?  It is just sand, fresh air and water. But the reality is that a very small percentage of people, both young and elderly,  take this for granted.  No matter how many times an individual goes to the beach the feeling, thinking and acting is seldom out of balance and the focus is a good time.  Thus the experience gives rise to a belief that prompts action that yeilds positive results that at long lasts ends in a cycle of trust that going to the beach will be a good time.

Stop and smell the roses, witness a sunrise or sunset, watch your children play, all while maintaining  a balance while you do –  the result is living life with very little assumptions.  AND –  What a pure way to live…